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At Soturi Fitness and Nutrition, we are proud to present you with this amazing life transforming program powered by Precision Nutrition!

Their ground breaking nutrition program is like nothing we've ever seen before. Our expert and enthusiastic coaches are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

This program will help you maintain a balanced diet to improve your energy, help you lose weight, and help you take on the world.


what it is

  • A 12 months program. Easy to set up and access on your phone or computer. Each day you will do a short lesson that takes about 15 minutes and establish a new habit every 2 weeks. Imagine that, at the end of the program you will have already developed 25 good lifestyle habits!
  • We will be working together daily with the "One Habit Method" and coaching through behavior change for long term sustainable results!
  • Teaches you the reason behind every habit you learn and guides you to write your own "Owners Manual" for your healthy body.

what it is not

  • It is not a fad diet.
  • It is not a sign up and forget about it program.
  • It is not a "do nothing and lose weight" program.

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