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The foundation and key component of a healthy lifestyle is Nutrition. At Soturi Fitness and Nutrition we offer practical, hands on cooking workshops under guidance of professional chefs. Regularly scheduled one-on-one and group assessments with our coaches make sure you stay on the right track to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We have no doubt you can be successful with our Nutrition Coaching program.


Nutrition coaching sessions

Each session will teach you how to effectively plan and prep for meals, while also giving you tips and tricks for grocery shopping and eating out. We even provide you with amazing and delicious recipes to help you burn fat and gain lean muscles! With Nutrition Coaching in Santa Clara, we guarantee you will see those pesky pounds melt away in a matter of weeks. Coach Sway will take your goals to the next level!


individual coaching

We also offer individual coaching, partnered with world renowned Precision Nutrition. This nutrition coaching program is a break through in the fitness industry, first of its kind. After 15 years of research and over 45,000 success stories, the PN tool is now available through us! With PN coaching we focus on behavior changes and learn to develop good habits along the way. We are here with you through your journey, the time to take action is now!


sustainable results

Our program will not only give you the results you've been looking for, but you will also gain the knowledge to maintain your new physique and health. Gaining better eating habits will benefit you and your friends and family for the rest of your life! So, what are you waiting on? Change your life today! 




Below are just a few of the added benefits your body will experience through Nutrition Coaching in Santa Clara:

Fat loss

Improved digestive health

Lower risk of heart disease and diabetes

Improved self-confidence

Improved energy throughout the day

And so much more!



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