Sway is the best Strength training instructor I have ever experienced. I have worked through her classes for about 6-8 months pretty consistently. I love her training method and the fact that she increases the level of exercise performed every class I have attended. Another thing that I really admire about her is the way she engages everyone in her class by not just traditional individual exercises but also involved group training in a circuit fashion which makes the sessions not just harder, but more fun as well. She definitely loves doing what she does and she conveys it to her regulars and also takes care of the first-timers with appropriate modifications. During a typical HIIT class with Sway, the only thing in my mind is ”Will I be able to do it properly today?”. But she makes sure everyone gets up to the tune (and whenever she screws up, she’ll be nice enough to do 5 burpees for us). After this class, I definitely feel very tired, but at the same time, pumped up to do more. I have had a big body transformation journey and Sway definitely gets a partial credit for my results. I lost a total of ~50 lbs throughout and it was when I hit a plateau after losing about 30 lbs (minimally around the waist line) by just doing cardio. I desperately joined HIIT (and other strength training) classes in order to get over my frustrating plateau and improving my diet at the same time.