Sway is the most electric, energetic and enthusiastic instructor I have ever worked out with. I have been attending her HIIT class once a week for the past several months now and it is by far my favorite class. I have tried out so many different types of classes with other instructors, but I keep coming back to Sway’s class for more, as she just has so much to offer. The energy and versatility that she brings to her classes is amazing. Week after week, she comes up with different exercises and workout styles and never lets you get bored. I come to her classes all excited looking forward to experimenting with different types of workouts, be it circuit or partner or any other crazy type of workout. She has made me stretch my limits and made me realize that I can work harder and get so much stronger than what I believed I was capable of. Even though these are group classes, she pays personal attention to each and everyone in the class, even somehow remembers everyone’s names, helps them correct their form and instills them with so much energy and motivates them to give their best in all workouts. I am a big fan of Sway and hope to continue to work-out with her for as long as I can. Thank you Sway!