I've been taking Sway's classes weekly for about a year, when I started I had never taken any kind of organized workout class or worked with a trainer, it's been so much more effective than just working out at the gym by myself. Over the year I've seen a ton of improvement both physically and mentally and a lot is due to Sway's efforts. After consistently coming to the class I went from barely being able to make through the whole class to upgrading from eight to fifteen pound weights and my resting heart rate dropped fifteen bpm! There's also been a mental improvement and I found myself looking forward to workouts now and have felt more confident with myself.

She makes every workout different from the last keeping it exciting and is always open to suggestions on exercises or formats that people enjoyed so she can keep integrating them in to future classes. During the class there's always a ton of energy from the music blasting and from Sway motivating us to keep working. Even when the class size is larger than normal she's able to take some time to focus on each of us to make sure our form is right and that we're pushing ourselves to work harder. The best part of coming to her class is that she gets to know everyone as more than just their trainer, but also as a friend allowing everyone in the class to be comfortable.