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One of the participants from my bootcamp program asked me yesterday.

"How did you lose 50 pounds?!"

During my pregnancy I went from 130lb to somewhere in the 180's (hmmm can't remember the exact number, I wonder why). I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted, although still a mostly healthy diet, I ate whenever I wanted and was not concerned about consuming fats. After all, I had a growing baby to feed and healthy fats (which meant lots of um, ice cream) are great for babies. My fabulous midwife Linda (she was absolutely ah-mazing~) had told me during several visits to slow down, but taking away ice cream and cookies from a pregnant woman? Think again!

A few facts that aid in my weight loss post birth:

1. The baby popped out - he was 8lb.

2. Placenta - Almost forgot about this important part. A placenta weights average 1.5lb.

3. Breastfeeding - you can burn up to 600 calories a day, I did it for two years. We are big breastfeeding advocate, it is the best food you can provide to newborns. 

4. Baby wearing - I was walking around with a weight attached to me, guess we can count that as weight training.

So 1 + 2 knocked out 9.5lb for me, which meant I had over 40lb to defeat.

Somewhere on the net said that the first six months window after giving birth is vital for losing weight and I was determined to get back in shape. I researched online for classes and programs and came across a company called "Baby Boot Camp". It is a wonderful concept, moms get to bring their kids with them during workouts and we met other like minded, beautiful mothers and children. Once Linda gave me the all clear, I tried out a class and signed up for the following 9 months. I went to as many classes as I could (at least 3 times a week). During that period I was in touch with an ex-coworker who became a personal trainer and started training with her once a week. Not gonna lie, personal training is expensive so I was only able to managed that for two months. 

We ate healthy (and still do!). We had a 10x10 plot at a community garden where we grew lots of veggies and berries (it is the best thing you can have!); subscribed to an organic CSA program and received fresh produces each Monday (our pickup location was at a night club, before opening hours. Broccoli martinis, anyone?); we chose grass-fed meat over feedlot animal products; whole wheat over white flour (I'm now eating gluten-free); brown rice and whole grains over processed ones. You know, the stuff people know are healthier choices but don't want to eat. We did, because having a child changed our view of the world, we now have "real responsibilities", it also tasted better and our bodies felt stronger. I wasn't counting calories or starving myself because I needed to provide quality food for my child. (Sure, we would have treats sometime, we are human after all.)

Looking back, it took me 6 to 8 months to get to where I wanted to be. I did not obsess over how long it took me to reach my goal, I just did it. I woke up when the wee one was up, and most mornings, we would head over to the parks where the boot camps were. We also attended afternoon boot camps when we could. We walked around the neighborhood in the evenings; went hiking and took advantage of the beauty Hawaii had to offer. We tended our garden. My body was moving a lot.

So, what DID I do to lose my postpartum weight?

1. Moving constantly - exercise and other daily activities.

2. Fueling my body well - eating wholesome, organic, clean and nutritious food.

3. Determination & Persistency - would it have worked if I exercised once a week and ate only 3 healthy meals every week? HELL NO!

How to be healthy and lose weight is not a complicated mathematical equation.

The answer is very simple:

Move + Eat Right + CONSISTENCY = Lasting Result

Where is the proof?!!! Well, I'm bummed that I can't find better photos but these will have to do, sorry for the big time gaps in between and poor quality on some of these. (Since then I have realize the importance of before and after photos! Live and learn.)