Smoothies are easy, fast (both on time & the rate of absorption by your body) and tasty!

Here is a simple recipe for a not your everyday green smoothie. The result is frothy, creamy and delicious!


1 cup  Honeydew melon

1 cup  Kale

1/2  Mango

1/2  Banana

1 tbspAlmond Butter

1 - 2 scoop  Protein Powder (I use Tera's Organic Whey)

Coconut water

3 - 5  Ice cubes or crushed ice

Putting it all together

Put fruits, kale, almond butter and protein powder in blender, cover ingredients with coconut water half way up, add ice and blend till smooth. Add more coconut water for a thinner texture smoothie. 

Pour into your favorite glass, bowl or mug and enjoy!