If your goal is to get lighter here is a fitness and nutrition tip for you: 


Why you ask? (That's a great question, thanks for asking!)

It takes about 20 minutes for stomach to brain communication to register satiety. So if you eat slowly (which most of us should work on during these busy times) you are giving time for the body to recognize and register the food you have eaten. And on the opposite, if you eat FAST..... Well, by the time your brain says "full!" it is very likely that you have already overate (20 minutes and 5 bowls of cereals later).  

So perhaps during the next meal you can put this into practice! Sit down, put away any distracting stuff, such as phones and TV remotes. Chew each bit of your food, maybe setting down the utensil during each bite. Enjoy the flavor and texture of that apple (or banana or fried chicken or cheesecake).

The point here is just to slow down!

If you must eat that bag of chips, fine, but you might as well really enjoy it by eating them one at a time and find ecstasy in those crunchiness!