Alarm goes off, snooze, alarm goes off again. You jump up, use the bathroom, and start making breakfast for everybody (some days you probably eat on the road or even skip it!).

Then off you go, drop the kids off to school, beat the traffic to get to work. It's lunch time - you never have time to pack a healthier option so you opt to eat at the cafeteria (or eat out with co-workers), spaghetti and meatballs, pizzas, or maybe a chicken salad with a slob of ranch dressing. Back to the office (or wherever).

3pm comes around, your tummy is a little bit empty, walk into the break room, M&M looks good, and oh, yes, a coke to go with it.

Time to head home, damn, it's already 6pm... No time to make dinner, so let's pick up some Chinese take out or a large pizza, sure, I'll have a caesar salad with that, it's a salad so it's healthy, right?

Does this sound familiar? Or do you know anyone living a lifestyle described above? That's ok, we are not judging. We are only pointing out that in this very busy modern first world, the lifestyle described above are becoming the norm. That's ok, how can we just be a little bit better? If you follow a diet similar to what you just read, you are nutrient deficient (think about a car without proper gas to run on), your body will not be able to function at its ultimate level when it's lacking all the essential vitamins and minerals! 

A quick way to add in more vitamins and minerals is simply take a multi-vitamin. DISCLAIMER: just because you take multi-vitamin doesn't mean you can now go drink a 6 pack of Mountain Dew and be best friends with Ben & Jerry. Your body prefers vitamins and minerals from whole food sources! Today's foods sources may not be as nutrient dense as it used to be back in the days due to agriculture growth and pesticide uses (therefore sub-optimal soil to grow food in), that's anther reason why a daily multi-vitamin may be necessary.

Another staple supplement you should have daily is fish oil or another omega 3 option. WHY? Well, the short answer is that omega 3 is the good fat and most of us are not taking enough of it, instead we are upping the ratio of omega 6 which is a pro-inflammatory fat. If you have aches and pains, taking an omega 3 supplement will help you due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The point here is to up the intake of omega 3 instead of eliminate omega 6 (we still need some omega 6 in our diet). When selecting a fish oil omega 3 supplement, make sure it's from healthy small tasty yummy fishies (yes, I know that's not technically a word...)!omeg

Some foods high in omega 3 (but not limited to): Avocados, olives, walnuts, chia seeds, spinach, hemp seeds, salmon, tuna, anchovies. 

So, to recap - add in the good things in life! In this case a multi-vitamin and fish oil (or plant omega 3 supplement). 

The ones I recommend and personally take (I don't get paid by suggesting these, so it's really from personal experience) -

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Happy supplementing!