Last week I drove down from San Jose to LA for the IDEA WORLD conference, which is one the biggest fitness conference in the world. As I drove merrily down highway 5 toward this seemingly harmless town called Coalinga I noticed a huge cloud of white smoke not far in the distance. "Weird." I thought. As my CRV got closer and closer to the said mystery cloud of muggy air I was welcomed by an ugly stench. I had no idea where it came from but I sure got the hell outta there ASAP! (I'm getting to the point, just be patient).

Today I found out where the "fog" and the stinky smell originated... As I was driving back up HW5 north I passed a massive cow feedlot and there was that crazy awful smell again and it was even worst this time around. After some research the feedlot is called Harris Ranch. I really don't see how they called this thing a "ranch". It was a freaking FEEDLOT! Where tens of thousands of cows graze shoulders with each other on dense dirt grounds within confinements. Where they walk on each others poop. I realized that I couldn't see it on the other side of the highway due to the mount blocking the view from south bound. After seeing such a image I really couldn't stomach another bite of meat and it really got me thinking about the millions of people that were enjoying their steak (talk about farm to table).

Food is a necessity in our daily lives. Food fuel our bodies so we can focus and complete daily activities and tasks. But most people have became so disconnected with food that some of us don't even know whether avocado grows on trees or bushes (hint: it's trees). Here is a video clip to demonstrate my point.


I will not go into a big rant about how feedlots pollute the environment or how inhumane and unnatural it is to raise cattle this way. You can read publication of how feedlot runoff can effect water quality here. Huffington post article here. And Wall Street Journal article here. But instead I want to talk about the Quality of Life of these animals as well as the Quality of Our Food.

If you are thinking: "Yeah, sure, cows and pigs and chickens get raised and get slaughtered so what do I care about how they lived?" Well, I'm sure you value your quality of life, so why should it be any different for another living being? Alright, maybe I can't get you to agree with me here (but if you are on board, HIGH FIVE!). Then let's take a look at the Quality of Food... We all heard of "happy cheese/milk comes from happy cows". And when you are happy we release a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin keeps depression away and prevents us going batshit crazy. You know what else also boost serotonin? Yep, that's right! EXERCISE! (Quick break time: Get on your feet and do 20 jumping jacks.) So imagine these cows in close quarters, with every 10 step they take they bump into 5 other cows, getting fat by eating corn (hint: they are not suppose to eat corn). Now imagine cows on pastures of green grass, not confined by bars, just chillaxing and enjoying the crispy vegetations while taking walks. I would say the former cows are pretty depressed (therefore more sickness and more medications) and the latter cows are pretty awesomely happy. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT AND WE ARE WHAT WE EAT EAT. The choice is yours.

I will stop here and let you all chew on that for a minute.